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Hello Gorgeous Ptitsas!

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Sadovsky
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (19 in 4 months!!)
Location: Rochester, Michigan
Penis? vagina? both?: Vagina thank you very much!
Significant Other? Picture?: Jordan Michael Kane

Ethnicity: Caucasian. I am 25% Irish, 25% Russian, and 50% Croatian
10 Favorite Bands:
Simon and Garfunkel
The Doors
The Beatles
Fall out Boy
Elton John
Billy Joel
5 Underated Bands:
The Hives
Bowling for Soup
The Stranglers
Velvet Revolver
The Stone Roses
3 Favorite movies:
Clockwork Orange
Lord of the Rings
Benny and Joon
3 Favorite books:
Clockwork Orange
Lord of the Rings
Kissed by an Angel


Favorite Show You Went To: Show? Like theatre? Uh……….My fair lady. I saw it at Stratford with Colm Feore in it (the
guy that plays the opposite lawyer in Chicago)
Future kids names:
Girls- Genevieve
Boys- Gabriel (I have no idea though)
What does the last shirt you bought look like? I bought it at Hollister. It was teal/electric blue that was a v-neck and had buttons though you aren’t suppose to use them as buttons, they were just for decoration. It was long and tight and you wear a camisole under it. Adorable.

Homosexuality: I think it’s a good thing. It promotes population control!!
Racism: Racism is bad…there is no excuse for negative racism.
Sex&Drugs: Sex is okay if you are protected and ready/old enough to have it. Drugs are bad… I’m not an advocate of them.
Tell us something interesting about yourself: My main passion in life is Singing. I live above a music store that my parent’s own called the Rochester Folk Workshop.
My dad is in the National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences and he is on the Grammy Nominating committee. I want to be a conductor for symphonies if my singing doesn’t work out. I love film acting and would like to do that on the side as well. I have high hopes and dreams for myself and want to work to get there.

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