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hello lovley

Name: Sarah Porter
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Location: San Diego
Penis? vagina? both?:  uumm, i figure vagina
Significant Other? Picture?: yes... lower left corner
Ethnicity:  mut...im english, native american, white, italian, german, austrian, and everything
10 Favorite Bands: through these eyes, dark lay still, acceptance, tsunami bomb, embrace these hands, from autum to ashes. smashing pumpkins, black daliah murder, thyne scabbard, saosin
5 Underated Bands: evergreen terrace, the killers, dashbord confessional, the postal service, brand new
3 Favorite movies: wicker park, a series of unfortunate events, anchorman
3 Favorite books: go ask alice, a bend in the road, to kill a mockingbird
Favorite Show You Went To: mm...evergreen terrace last year...my brother hit theyre van...it was so funny.
Future kids names:
Girls- amelia, genevive
Boys- colin, blake, jose
What does the last shirt you bought look like?

 JJ Basics Two-for-One Racerback Boat-Neck Top

Homosexuality:  agh. i think that people should be able to marry who ever they want to marry. i have many gay/bisexual friends...and i love them to death..to tell the truth, i prefer them over most stright people. they are the same as anyother person.
Racism: theres no point to it. people are people, no matter what theyre color or religion is.
Sex&Drugs: i personaly dont do either. i think drugs are a wast of time, and i want to save myself when it comes to sex. but all my friends do it...i just try not to be around them at the time.
Tell us something interesting about yourself: im related to benadict arnold. im also related to one of the leaders of the cinsentration camps durring the holocost, he raped a jewish lady, and my great grandma was born.
Promote Us to at least someone else's journal or another community, and PROVE it:

At least 3 clear pictures of yourself:

far right

body shot

just for funn

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